Are you on any Forums?

Over the past couple of years I have grown very fond of forums. The sense of community is fantastic and niche specific sites are an incredible wealth of knowledge. One of the earlier forums I was a member of is no more. It was called BFStats and was a gaming forum geared towards Battlefield 1942.

As time passed and I grew away from gaming, I found myself on cigar forums. I’ve seen two fantastic forums turned into a shell of their former selves by greed, while others have blossomed and are a joy to visit in my spare time. In addition to cigar forums, I’m a member of a couple of others. I only wish I could find the extra time to keep up with all of them.

My Forum List:

What forums do you spend time on?

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  • As a product of bbs (bulletin board systems) sites in the 80s I stood clear of forums because I thought they were for flame wars and pompous people such as chiefhava.

    I went to a nub event in the 2008 and when sam of nub fame asked me what I thought about his nub cigar I broke it down much like the current format of my website.

    He convinced me to start a site and he along with dozer and doogie convinced me cigarlive was a cool place to be. Which it was til daniel sold it to caputo.

    Since then I joined cigar outcast which I have stopped going to on a regular basis as it has become a clique for the people in the south.

    I have begun to enjoy the stogie review fan forums recently.

    But I am also considering starting a forum of my own if I could find the time…

    Forums are an outstanding place for knowledge.


  • for me it’s all about the Stogie Review forums. I probably spend too much time there but whatever it’s a blast. I wish there were more people from my area o the country on the boards and who knows the way the SR is growing it may happen soon.

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