First Impressions: Primera de Honduras

Primera de Honduras by Casa Gomez Cigars

As per the request of Johnny, this week I decided to take a quick detour from my tour of Davidoff of Geneva products and take a look at something less expensive. The cigar this week is the Primera de Honduras and is a product of Benny Gomez Jr. I was introduced to Benny at the Casa Gomez booth at IPCPR in Las Vegas this past July.

While this isn’t exactly what Johnny was looking for, it was one of the first sticks that I a came across from my IPCPR haul and decided to fire it up.

The Positive:

  • Very interesting red pepper like heat
  • Solid burning characteristics
  • Comfortable price point at around $3.00 per single

The Negative:

  • Too much of a good thing in regards to a red pepper heat
  • Levels of flavor and body seemed a little mismatched
  • Unable to capture my attention

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1 comments On First Impressions: Primera de Honduras

  • Ugh, I hate spicy foods. I know not to add this one to my list of ones to try!!

    I also hate when a cigar is that bad that you dont even feel like smoking another one, any kind, any flavor, sometimes till the next day!


    Keep the heat and give me flavor!!

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