BladeTech Mag Pouch - Glock 17 - 1

Last year I had the pleasure of shooting my first USPSA Season with a Smith & Wesson M&P. Truth be told, I love that gun. Not only do I like the way it shoots, but I also like the way it looks. While I love shooting the gun, it had its problems. First was a rusted slide that Smith & Wesson took care of, free of charge. Rust became a problem again later as it speckled my takedown lever and pitted three of my magazines.

For the 2012 season, I decided that a new USPSA Production gun was in order. One option was to get another M&P to use as a backup gun. Another was to purchase a completely new setup that would potentially be less upkeep. With some Christmas money and my Beretta 70S in trade, I walked out of the gun shop with a Gen 3 Glock 17.

With a new platform, new accessories were in order. First up on the list were a pair of double magazine pouches. In the past I had great luck with my iTac Magazine Pouches for my M&P. Unfortunately, the gun shop that I purchased them from did not have a model to fit Glock magazines.

I turned to the internet and developed a nasty case of analysis paralysis. It seemed like every company under the sun manufactured some sort of magazine pouch to fit Glock magazines. For weeks I bounced between Amazon, Brownells, and Midway, trying to decide what would best suit me.

I spent weeks adding items to my cart and never finalizing the order. With my first match getting closer, I sat down and forced myself to make a decision. I wound up going with Blade-Tech Double Magazine Pouches, with Tek Lock, from Brownells. On an unrelated note, this was my first purchase with Brownells and I was very happy with the price, products, and most importantly, the fair shipping cost.

My magazine pouches arrived yesterday, just a few days after placing my order. I spent a little time adjusting the tension to suit my needs. The Tek Lock seems like a great idea, however, I have a feeling I am going to look like a doofus at the range when it comes time to unhook it from my belt.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the new magazine pouches work out for me next week in the first match of the season.