Yesterday was a day with a whole lot of nothing planned. It seemed like the first day in ages in which we didn’t have something on the calendar. Even our 5 year old daughter seemed confused by the concept of a day where we didn’t have to race off from one event to another.

After sleeping in until about 7:00am, I headed downstairs and made myself some frozen pancakes (we are all out of egg-whites and need to make a Costco run). With breakfast down and a couple of episodes of That 70’s Show in the books (I’m watching the series on Netflix), I was joined by my wife and daughter.

We talked and watched TV together for a bit and at one point I picked up my phone to check a Facebook notification. Before setting my phone back down, something on my news feed caught my eye. It was labeled as Part 5 of My Magnificent Obsession.

If you aren’t familiar with My Magnificent Obsession, it is a documentary on CT Fletcher. It has been advertised pretty heavily for the past couple of weeks and I’ve been very interested in watching it. I didn’t want to pay to see it (digital rental from Vimeo or something…) and, because the film was only released recently, I expected to have to wait a long while before I could watch it for free.

That piece of the video being available piqued my interest and I began scouring the CT Fletcher Facebook Page. Sure enough, the entire documentary was available in 5 parts (each about 20 minutes long). With cup of coffee at the ready and a quite space to sit, I began watching the videos.

I don’t recall how I came to find CT Fletcher online but he is a very motivational guy with an interesting story. If you’ve got some spare time on your hands, check out the first part of the documentary below.

Later in the afternoon I did my best to take a nap, while my wife worked, but my daughter didn’t like the idea of that. After about the 5th “Daddy, can I have…” I gave up on the idea and decided to occupy my time on YouTube. In the suggested videos section was an interview with CT Fletcher. I already watched his documentary, why not take it a step further?

A lot of the info in the interview was covered in the documentary but it was worth watching anyway. I’ve embedded the video down below.

Because I didn’t want to feel entirely lazy, I spent a half hour on the new exercise bike before bed. The seat isn’t very comfortable and my ass was still sore from Saturday so I just kept a nice and easy pace with light resistance.

My Magnificent Obsession [ Part 1 ]

Posted by CT Fletcher on Saturday, October 24, 2015

Watch the remainder of ‘My Magnificent Obsession’ on CT Fletcher’s Facebook Page