Walt in PA
Welcome to the blog of Walt White. As the name of the blog implies, I am a Pennsylvania resident. I have a fondness for Firearms, Cigars, and Photography, all of which you will find here on WaltInPA.com. Please feel free to poke around and share my space on the web with your like-minded friends.


About Walt:

Walt White and Natalie WhiteMy name is Walt White and I live outside of Reading, Pennsylvania. By day I am a draftsman and my typical work week consists of drafting and designing architectural millwork. By night I am an avid cigar enthusiast and Co-Founder of Stogie Review.

In my spare time, I enjoy shooting pistol. This started out as a hobby that took place a couple of times per month. That all changed in July 2011 when I was introduced to the wonderful world of USPSA. I started off shooting the occasional match and have grown into routinely shooting two mates per month (I would shoot more if I could afford it!)

I am married to a wonderful woman who is patient and supportive of my hobbies. We have a beautiful daughter who I absolutely love spending time with. Before our daughter was born, my wife and I used to make trips to the range and shoot together. When our daughter gets a little older, I hope to resume those range trips and shoot together as one big happy family.

About WaltInPA:

Walt White - Shooting G17 - June 2012

This blog was started as a New Years Resolution in January of 2009. At the time I was heavily engrossed in Stogie Review and felt like all I ever did was write about and talk cigars. While I enjoyed the hobby a great deal, I needed an outlet for the other things that crossed my mind.

In the early days I posted about random topics that interested me. One days discussion topic may have been a movie I watched with my wife. The next days discussion topic may have been something my dog did that I found amusing. The day after that may have covered a home repair that I was involved in. As you can see, completely random.

After about a year of posting random topics, I decided that I wanted to narrow the focus. I began pruning back topics which I deemed too random and watched my blog grow, ever so slightly. Even with fewer topics being discussed, I still found that blog to be a fantastic outlet. In 2010 I began posting about range sessions and suddenly my traffic soared (in terms of a small personal blog).

As the comments picked up on my blog and the discussions increased on Twitter, I decided to stick with firearms. Since then, I have added in a weekly gun podcast (Shooting The Breeze) and regularly post USPSA Match Video and Topics.