I want to thank you for taking the first step toward contacting me. There are several ways to get in touch, but the most straightforward is via email. I can be reached at I do my best to respond to emails within a couple of days.

While I am active on various Social Media Platforms, I do not closely monitor my Direct Messages due to the volume of spam I receive. I can be reached on InstagramOpens in a new tab., FacebookOpens in a new tab., TikTokOpens in a new tab., and TwitterOpens in a new tab., but please expect a delay of at least a few days before I see and respond to your message.

Another way to get in touch if you’d like to chat is to join the WaltInPA Discord ServerOpens in a new tab.. The Server is free to use and allows you to converse with me and other community members. If you’d like to say hi and get to know me, this is the best way.