About Walt In PA

Hey There!
As you might imagine, with a name like WaltInPA – my name is Walt, and I am a Pennsylvania Resident. I’ve lived in Southeast PA all my life, and when it came time to start a blog, WaltInPA seemed very simple and fitting.

I started my little corner of the web back in 2009 as a New Year’s Resolution. At the time, I felt I needed a creative outlet, and talking about my life and hobbies was appealing. Through the years, this blog has gone through many changes as I became a father and my interests shifted from one hobby to another.

If you were to look back through my Blog Post Catalog, you’d find everything from Archery, to Book Reviews, to Competitive Pistol Shooting, to my latest obsession – Motorcycles. I encourage you to look around and contact me if you have any questions.

Walt from WaltInPA