About Walt:

Walt White and Natalie WhiteMy name is Walt White and I live outside of Pottstown, Pennsylvania. By day I am a draftsman and my typical work week consists of drafting and designing architectural millwork. By night I am an avid cigar enthusiast and Co-Founder of Stogie Review.

In my spare time, I enjoy the shooting sports. When I was a child my Grandfather introduced me to Archery and I’ve been shooting a bow off and on for most of my life. In adulthood, I was introduced to firearms and developed a passion for competitive shooting.

I am married to a wonderful woman who is patient and supportive of my hobbies. We have three beautiful daughters together who all happen to be tremendous balls of energy.

About WaltInPA:

Walt White - Shooting G17 - June 2012

This blog was started as a New Years Resolution in January of 2009. At the time I was heavily engrossed in Stogie Review and felt like all I ever did was write about and talk cigars. While I enjoyed the hobby a great deal, I needed an outlet for the other things that crossed my mind.

In the early days I posted about random topics that interested me. One day’s discussion topic may have been a movie I watched with my wife. The next day’s discussion topic may have been something my dog did that I found amusing. The day after that may have covered a home repair that I was involved in. As you can see, completely random.

After about a year of posting random topics, I decided that I wanted to narrow the focus. I began pruning back topics that I deemed too random and watched my blog grow, ever so slightly. Even with fewer topics being discussed, I still found the blog to be a fantastic creative outlet.

These days I still talk about random things like my dog or a troublesome home repair but my passion lies with Archery, Guns, and Motorcycles.