11th Annual Lancaster Archery Classic

Today, at 9:00am, the Lancaster Archery ClassicOpens in a new tab. kicked off. Hundreds of archers arrived in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to compete in this prominent event. Today (Friday), Archers are shooting to qualify for the Shoot-Off on Sunday. In between, Vendors wills be on hand to answer questions and Pros will hold seminars.

One of the nice things about this event, from a spectators perspective, is that we can keep tabs on the event from the comfort of our homes. Lancaster Archery is running two live streams. One stream covers the Main RangeOpens in a new tab. and the other covers the Shooting CenterOpens in a new tab.. In addition, rcherz is updated with live scoresOpens in a new tab..

While I have an interest in how the Pros shoot the event, I’m only really paying attention because Zena will be shooting today at 12:30pm (Position 18B). I’ve been watching the other youth shooters, off and on this morning, and she has got her work cut out for her.


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