MarioKart Wii - 1

Every year just before Christmas, my wife and I put together a list of gift ideas for each other. Every year she goes out and tries as best as she can to stick to my list while I generally ignore hers. I like the idea keeping away from the list because it makes Christmas more of a surprise. The obvious gamble becomes; will she like my gift?

This year I got her an iPod touch, as well as a bunch of smaller gifts that she mentioned wanting long before Christmas. On Christmas Eve I had to stop into our local Walmart to pick up a couple of kitchen items as gifts. While there I decided I was going to break my own rule and pick my wife up something from her list.

I headed back to the electronics department and found my way over to the Wii case. I found my target, a Mario Kart Wii pack, and spent the next fifteen minutes tracking down an employee with the keys to get my item.

The following morning we got up early and opened each others gifts before heading out for the day to visit family. When she opened her Mario Kart Wii, her eyes opened up wide and a smile graced her face. Less than an hour later she was playing her new game.

Not being much of a gamer, I didn’t expect her to take to it as much as she did. Before long she was hollering at the screen and laughing loudly. Every time she fires up the Wii to play, I know it before long. Out of nowhere I’ll hear her laughing and carrying on or yelling at Wario for hitting her with a turtle shell.

Having been together with my wife for seven years (married for a little over one), I would have never guess I would need to take turns playing a video game with her. The Wii system and its cartoonish graphics have certainly caught the attention of this non-gamer. The active style of gaming is intriguing and loads of fun. If you own a Wii and haven’t played Mario Kart, I’d recommend giving this game a try.

Has the Wii made a gamer out of
an otherwise non-gamer in your life?