Burning River Pale Ale by Great Lakes Brewing Company - 1Brewery Name: Great Lakes Brewing Company
Brand: Burning River Pale Ale
Brewery Location: Cleveland, OH
Alcohol By Volume: 6%
Style: American Pale Ale (APA)
Serving Type: 12oz. Bottle
Availability: Year-round
Company Website: Great Lakes Brewing Co.

I’d like to thank Walt for all the hard work he puts in over at StogieReview.com and also for letting me post this beer review here on his blog. To me, nothing is better than a good beer, a good cigar, and good friends to enjoy life with. On with the review!

After topping off my gas tank in the 16 degree weather last week, I walked into the Exxon near my apartment to scope out the beer selection. Underwhelmed, I noticed something “different” on the bottom shelf. Without a flinch I bought the Great Lakes Burning River Pale Ale 6-pack. According to their website, this brand is “Named after the infamous 1969 burning of the Cuyahoga River.” Quite a formidable name to be given to an APA, don’t ya think? Let’s see what this is like shall we?

This APA pours a rich, clear amber color with an off- white, frothy head. Carbonation bubbles rise to the top during the entire enjoyment time. Lots of clingy lacing on the glass makes for a neat presentation. Head retention is mediocre; at half-way the head is completely gone.

An interesting citrus/lemon scent on the back-end with plenty of hops and slight caramel malts. Other tiny notes of apple/pear and maybe some pine needle.

Lots of hops on the tongue with that citrusy finish! Fantastically balanced between the hops and the malts, but again, hops win.

Mouth feel:
Medium body. Carbonation is perfect for this pale ale. Has no bite and creates a semi-dry finish.

No harshness, hops and malts are balanced, perfect carbonation….fantastic beer! I would pick this up again!

This guest beer review was written by Mike from West Virginia. For more writings from Mike, please take a moment to check out his personal blog at Mike In WV

What is your favorite APA?