Photo of the Cubao Cigar by EO Brands

This past weekend was a busy one for me. After a hellish day with a low-flow shower head, I decided to jump in the car and go visit my parents. For the fairly short ride down, I lit up a Flor de Oliva Maduro. This is a pretty inexpensive cigar that I have been smoking fairly regularly as of late. While it isn’t anything terribly complex, it offers solid flavor at an excellent price.

While the Flor de Oliva Maduro was nice, it wasn’t the best cigar of the day. That honor was given to a cigar that I ranked as my #3 cigar of 2008, the Cubao by EO Brands.

The flavors of this cigar really jump out at me and make it very enjoyable. I don’t smoke these terribly often because I am trying to stretch the life of my one and only box. With about nine left at this point, I drop one in my travel humidor from time to time.

Before leaving the house, I decided to try and take a few photos of the stick, just for kicks. I setup the box and an un-cellophaned cigar inside of my makeshift light tent and began playing with my Nikon D40. I really wanted to work the box into the photo, which is incredibly distressed to create an olde world sort of feel.

After about ten shots, the one pictured above is the one that I enjoyed the most. While taking the photos sure was fun, it didn’t compare to lighting the cigar aflame and smoking it.

What was the most enjoyable cigar
you had this week?