Creative Commons License photo credit: f.kuraken

Those of you that follow me on twitter, may be aware that I had a goal for my first month with this personal blog. In one months time I wanted to reach a set number of approved comments and visits here to Walt in PA. I’m happy to announce that we reached that goal and I couldn’t be happier about it.

I wanted to achieve 100 approved comments and 1000 visits. Initially I thought that was a bit aggressive for a personal blog, but it seems that we are on the right track. Riding the wave of success, I have set a new goal for myself this month and would love for you to help me achieve that as well.

This months stats:

  • Approved Comments – 104
  • Visits – 1,043

Goal for next month:

  • Approved Comments – 102
  • Visits: 1,064

For this short month of February, I would love to see a 2% gain over last month. I’ll provide the content, I just need you to provide the eyeballs and the responses. Thanks guys, I love the direction that this blog is heading.

I’d also like to thank the referring sites for the past month:

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