D&D: The Board Game
Creative Commons License photo credit: towo™

When I was younger I hung out with a couple of guys that were into Science Fiction and slowly dragged me into the genre as well. One of these friends religiously watched Star Trek, Hercules, and Xena every time a new episode aired.

Before heading out to meet up with more friends, I would meet this fiend at his house and hang out for a bit before we left. This generally left me watching the latest episodes of the shows listed above, before we headed out. Initially I had virtually no interest in these shows, but they slowly began to grow on me.

Another friend of mine was less into television shows and more into games. He is primarily responsible for getting me into the Final Fantasy series and got me into playing Magic The Gathering. These types of games were not necessarily cool among our crowd, but it was something that the three of us had in common.

Later on down the line we found out that the store we were buying our Magic cards from was holding a weekly game night. We joined the group and quickly became regulars. Among the group of about twenty members, there was one that was heavily into Dungeons and Dragons and played as a Dungeon Master. I hung out a couple of times and watched a group play D&D but I never took to it.

Here we are several years later and there hasn’t been a change in regards to my thoughts on the game. I’ve never played and still see it as an incredible investment of time to get started. While scanning through my list of tweets the other day, I came across one that mentioned someone was listening to a D&D podcast.

Being a fan of podcasts, I decided to follow the link and check it out. The first episode was a little difficult to follow but I thought it was fun to have playing in the background while I worked on the site. When the first episode was over, I loaded up the second and continued listening.

As I type this article, I have just finished up the first series which includes 8 episodes. The series is simply a very long session of D&D which was broken down into manageable portions (30-45 mins). While the chances of me playing are very slim, I enjoyed the podcast and am gearing up for listening to the latest series which involves the same crew as the first series (Penny Arcade Guys).

Have you ever played Dungeons and Dragons
Or any other turn based Science Fiction game
Be it Magic The Gathering or others?