First Impressions: Davidoff Classic – No. 2

Davidoff Classic - No. 2

In a continuation of last weeks First Impressions video of the Davidoff 6000, I decided to go right ahead and smoke the next cigar in the package I received from Davidoff of Geneva. The cigar being burned this time around was the Classic No. 2.

The Positive:

  • Consistent flavor profile that grew richer along the way
  • Excellent draw which produced plenty of smoke
  • Excellent construction and burning characteristics

The Negative:

  • Well outside of my comfort zone in regards to price

This video turned out to be one of the longest I’ve ever recorded and runs just under 40 minutes. So before clicking play, you may want to grab yourself a beverage and a cigar.

You should know that I am a big advocate of not judging a cigar based on a single sample. I feel that three cigars are necessary to formulate an honest opinion. With that in mind, please be aware that these videos will act as a video diary, of sorts, for a series of cigars that will be reviewed in much more detail on Stogie Review.

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Davidoff Classic – No. 2?

4 comments On First Impressions: Davidoff Classic – No. 2

  • Your killing me, I hate spending big money on sticks, $10 usually is my price limit. I’m going to have to give in again and try these out!

  • Walt,

    Though I will most likely smoke a couple, the price alone is a big turn off! Awesome review as usual!

  • Walt,

    Enjoyed the review. Especially enjoyed the part about why Davidoff might be priced a little higher than some other manufacturer’s cigars. Was a little lengthy, but informative. The length wasn’t a problem for me, because I just had the review going in the background as I checked my email, Twitter, etc. I agree with the previous posters about the fact that this cigar is a little expensive, and I would love to see some more budget friendly cigar reviews. I would be especially interested in store-brand cigar reviews (more TNT, JR, Famous, etc.). Those are about the cheapest cigars around, and while maybe not the best out there, are still smokeable. Those particular cigars also lack professional reviews, which makes it even more difficult to bite the bullet on a box of them.

  • Johnny,
    As per your request, my next First Impressions video (which was recorded today) features a boutique cigar that comes in at $75.00 per box. I should have that one posted in a few days, so keep an eye out for it.


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