R.I.P. Kong Wubba

Mutilated Kong Wubba - 1 Week After PurchaseSo last week I put together a blog post about Syrus’ new toy, The Kong Wubba. This was purchased on clearance at Petsmart and cost me about $9.00. Syrus took to it really fast and the toy was a hit. It withstood lots of gnawing and pouncing and showed some minor signs of wear.

It seems that this toy didn’t stand a chance against a dog that is hard on toys. On Saturday night I looked over at Syrus and saw him on the floor with a small ball in his mouth. Upon closer inspection I found it to be the same ball that was inside the Kong Wubba Toy.

A very short distance from where he was laying I found the mutilated Kong Wubba. Its a shame because I thought that this toy was a winner, guess I’ll have to go back to looking for something a little more durable. He sure did love it while it lasted though.

Is you dog hard on toys and have you
found something that goes the distance?

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  • My in-laws had a pure bred lab (had to put him down last week 🙁 ) and he would break any toy you got him within 10 minutes MAX! Only advice i can offer is to buy a case of something if he likes it 😉

    Now the lab was a lot bigger (about 100lbs) and he would chew up tennis balls, but the same idea should apply.

    Those heavy pull ropes are good also – you could try and make your own Wubba using those ropes and a nice Kong (not the ball but that beehive looking thing).


    Oh and those toys you fill with treats for them to get – dont bother! He ripped the hell out of it because I think it pissed him off..lol.

  • It’s weird what makes dogs keep a toy intact and what they will destroy. My 2 goldens destroy pretty much every toy they get. One of the few exceptions is a red chicken-looking thing. Our old dog liked to chew on plastic children’s toys like those plastic rake and shovel sets 4 year olds play in the sand with. We’d buy one of those sets for $3, give him one tool at a time, and it’d last him a couple weeks at a time.

  • Hey I have had the same problems with finding toys for my dog. He just shredded the biggest toys into tiny little pieces. I have found most of the toys by Jw Pet company to be durable. I recommend the Tough by nature hol-ee roller large and the good or bad cuz. These have been some great toys that have lasted for months! Im working on a site right now that throughly review the durability of the toys!

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