Mutilated Kong Wubba - 1 Week After PurchaseSo last week I put together a blog post about Syrus’ new toy, The Kong Wubba. This was purchased on clearance at Petsmart and cost me about $9.00. Syrus took to it really fast and the toy was a hit. It withstood lots of gnawing and pouncing and showed some minor signs of wear.

It seems that this toy didn’t stand a chance against a dog that is hard on toys. On Saturday night I looked over at Syrus and saw him on the floor with a small ball in his mouth. Upon closer inspection I found it to be the same ball that was inside the Kong Wubba Toy.

A very short distance from where he was laying I found the mutilated Kong Wubba. Its a shame because I thought that this toy was a winner, guess I’ll have to go back to looking for something a little more durable. He sure did love it while it lasted though.

Is you dog hard on toys and have you
found something that goes the distance?