Shooting The Breeze: Dog Training Progression

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to shoot a video to share a few words on how Syrus’ obedience training has been going. This week I was unable to attend the class and my wife filled in for me. Without any first hand information, I decided to skip the video this week. Instead I fired up the camera to talk about the progression Syrus has made since training has started.

Today I went to visit my Mother for Mothers Day and decided to bring Syrus along to meet my nieces and nephews. While visiting I was able to see first hand the difference between a dog with zero obedience training and Syrus with four weeks worth. The difference was incredible and I can’t express how proud I was of Syrus when he responded to practically every command I gave him during our visit.

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  • Chris (aka BeaverC32)

    I need to start taking Bella, my 7 month-old Chocolate lab to training classes. I have done some basic training myself (obeys to commands like sit, stay, and down). My biggest issue now is when we take her out for walks, she likes to pull us along for a ride. In other words, she actually takes US for a walk. Other than that she is a well-behaved puppy, or at least as well-behaved as a puppy can be 🙂

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