Terry Goodkind - Temple of the Winds

Well, its about that time again. I’ve got another post for you on the Sword of Truth series of books. Not long after I finished up Blood of the Fold, I got started on Temple of the Winds. Just like the other books in the series, this one picks up shortly after the previous books ends.

With a storyline that seamlessly flows from one book to the next, this one doesn’t take much time to warm up. Before long the action picks up and it became hard to set down. I read this book over a span of about six days. I started during the week and read somewhere around sixty pages each night before bed. When the weekend rolled around and I had more time on my hands, I burned through it before the weekend was out.

Just like in all of the other write-ups, I’m trying to avoid spoiling the book for you. There was alot going on in this book, but one particular event made for a spectacular plot twist. You were teased with it a couple of times before it came to place, but I never thought it would actually play out. When it finally did, I got a chill down my spine as it unfolded.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am eager to get started on the next. If I had to compare this to the other books in the series, I would say it was just as good as Stone of Tears.

Would you mind getting spoilers about the books
and potentially the T.V. Series, Legend of the Seeker?