Not terribly long ago I wrote up a post outlining the goals that I intended to keep for the year. One of those goals was to write a couple of blog posts per week, in an attempt to keep my personal blog fresh. If you read that post, you may be wondering what happened?

What happened was I came across a through twitter. The website is one based primarily on Fantasy reading. In addition to the blog, where you can find reviews and such, there is a growing forum. I have been spending a bit of time reading the various topics and attempting to participate where I can.

Shortly after signing up for the forum, I received an email reaching out to the community for contributors. I dropped a link on Twitter to my Best Served Cold review and asked it that was the sort of thing that the site was looking for. The response was positive and I decided to try my hand at contributing a book review once per month.

Because of the complete random nature of this blog (One week I talk about guns, the next writing, and the next parenting), I decided to put my book reviews in a place where they would be more niche specific and get more people reading them. In the long run, I think this will help my reading goal in forcing me to read a book per month to keep up with my review commitment.

Initially it is going to be a little tough (Review scheduled to appear on Wednesday, February 23rd) because the book I am currently reading has already been reviewed on Fantasy-Faction. Fortunately I can fall back on Robin Hobb’s Dragin Keeper and Dragin Haven (both of which I haven’t written a review on, but have recorded video). I’ll be using those two books while I finish my current book and read through another for a future review.

My plan is to post an except of my review here, along with embedding the video. I’ll then be pointing you to my post for the review in its entirety. So far I am excited in the direction the site is moving and look forward to seeing it grow. While there are other Fantasy based reading/writing forums/blogs out there, this is only the second one to appeal enough to me to read on a reglar basis.

I’ve also got a couple of ideas for future blog posts, it’s just a matter of getting caught up around the house to sit down and create them.