Candle to Stop Violence - Springfield XD and Hornady FPD - 1

Earlier this week I was cruising Good Reader when I came across a variety of items discussing the upcoming plans of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. On January 8th, the one year anniversary of the Arizona mass shooting where six were killed and thirteen injured, including U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Candle-Light Vigils were going to be held across the country to honor the victims of Gun Violence.

On the surface this seems like a noble thing to do, it is sad when any innocent person becomes a victim. The part that tugged at my nerves was the message to end gun violence. What exactly is gun violence? I find myself wondering, if we are creating a sub-category of violence tailored just for firearms, are there others? Knife violence, car violence, bar of soap in a tube sock violence? That all sounds foolish. The point is, an inanimate object was used to commit a crime.

The message to stop violence, as a whole, seems like a better message. This is precisely why I appreciated reading an article on a pro-gun blog taking a look at the cause from a different perspective.

From the Weer’d World Blog:
So on January 8th I ask everybody to post a picture of a lit candle and your carry gun. Because lit candles don’t do a whole lot but cast a meager amount of light…but a loaded gun in the hands of lawful citizens can do wonders to protect innocent lives from harm.

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