Yesterday I posted about a problem with my Community Developed USPSA Stage. It was pointed out to me that my No-Shoot Swinger created an issue which needed to be resolved. I toyed around with the idea of changing the No-Shoot to a typical target but ultimately decided to scrap the swinger and re-design the far end of the stage.

The image that you see below is the shiny new plan view. As you can see, we now have a handful of new targets and the plan of attack should change considerably. I’d love to get some feedback on the changes.

Unless there are suggestions to make any additional alterations, I’m going to start looking into how to put an official stage briefing together. Once finished, I’ll make it available for download and start sending it to local clubs. My goal is to see it as a live coarse of fire and possibly get some video of people shooting it.

The remainder of the views, like in previous posts, have been included below. Please feel free to save the images and mark them up with your thoughts.

Course of Fire:
Shooter begins the stage in Box A with hands relaxed at sides. At audible alert, shooter is to engage all Steel from Box A before moving to the large shooting zone to engage paper.

Walt In PA - USPSA Stage - 1 Top - Rev A

Walt In PA - USPSA Stage - 1 VIEW 1 - Rev A

Walt In PA - USPSA Stage - 1 VIEW 2 - Rev A

Walt In PA - USPSA Stage - 1 VIEW 3 - Rev A

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