Back in April I came accross a post from The Gear Patriot entitled 101 Twitter Accounts Every Gun Lover Should Follow. I thought the idea was excellent and eagerly began reading through the list of names.

The long list was a great resource for potential follows and was very diverse. When I reached the end of the list though, I was a little disappointed, for two reasons. The first was that the initial list was short of 101 Twitter Accounts. It has since been amended and completed, but it bugged me that it was short. The second issue I took with the list, although minor, was that a variety of the included accounts just pumped out tweets and didn’t interact much. While the accounts were great for reading, they left a little something to be desired.

I’ve been a Twitter user for some time now and I’ve always drawn odd looks for my opinion of the service. While Twitter can serve as a handy Blog Update Alert System (or RSS Reader of sorts), I want interaction. When I click through to a new-to-me Twitter Account and see nothing but Blog and Facebook updates, I move along. It is this desire for interaction that causes me to be very finicky about who I follow.

In May, Tom from the Fill Yer Hands Blog took the base list and built on it, pushing it from 88 Twitter Accounts all the way up to 120 Accounts. What I loved about Tom’s revision was that it wasn’t just about accounts that were good for reading, it contained accounts that were good for interaction.

My intention in all of this is to create a small list of my own. On this list I’ll point you towards some good people to converse with. Every single person on this list is active and I have held conversations with them, about guns, on multiple occasions. If you wind up following these individuals, great. if not, thats fine too.

Twitter Accounts

Tom from Fill Yer Hands

FillYerHands on Twitter

I have been following Tom for some time now. I’m not sure how I stumbled onto his account but I would imagine he commented on another blog I was reading, said something that prompted me to click through to his blog, and I eventually found his Twitter handle.

Tom shoots USPSA as well as GSSF. He has views on the shooting sports that are very similar to my own, which makes discussing shooting with him a whole lot of fun. You may find his first tweet of the day a little odd as he announces which voice he will hear as he reads tweets to himself, but trust me, he is a good guy and you’ll enjoy talking to him.

Miguel from Gun Free Zone

GunFreeZone on Twitter

When the Gun Grabbers hear the name Miguel and Gun Free Zone in the same sentence, they must break into a cold sweat. I think he may hold some sort of record for being blocked/banned by Gun Control Groups. Incase you hadn’t guessed, Miguel is very pro gun and isn’t afraid to voice his opinion.

Miguel writes at Gun Free Zone and covers a variety of topics that range from Gun Related Motivational Posters, to IDPA Information, to thoughts on current events and news, and many other topics.

I hear there is a nasty rumor going around that Miguel hates plastic guns. I’m not saying it is true or anything, but he is a good guy and we simply avoid discussing it.

Ron from When The Balloon Goes Up

BalloonGoesUp on Twitter

Ron is an IDPA shooter and the man behind When The Bollon Goes Up. I came across Ron’s account one #FF (Follow Friday) and have chatted it up with him on a number of occasions. Ron’s blog looks at guns from the defensive side of the equation.

While reading When The Balloon Goes Up (Both the Twitter account and the Blog) you’ll find gun & gear reviews, self-defense scenarios, IDPA Stages, as well as updates on his personal life (Ron does a great job of mixing in events from his children’s lives and incorporating those events into shooting topics)

Alan from My Gun DB

Wolfage on Twitter

Alan is the developer behind My Gun Database. I first learned of this software when Christine, of AKs and Cupcakes, posted a review of the product. I posted a comment on that review and received a response from Alan. From that point Alan and I have been talking off and on.

He is constantly working to improve the software and even makes time to chat it up on twitter between coding sessions. If you have a firearm collection, you’re going to want to check out My Gun DB and get to know Alan.

Gun Noob from the Gun Noob Blog

GunNoob on Twitter

Gun Noob is the only person on this list that I don’t know by their first name (I won’t hold that against them). I believe I came across this account via #FF (Follow Friday) and found his comments and blog posts very informative. The Gun Noob blog caters to new shooters and contains a wealth of topics that would interest the new and seasoned shooter alike.

Lee aka @lbautist

lbautist on Twitter

Lee is a friend of Ron (@BalloonGoesUp, listed above) but I didn’t make the connection until he was featured in an IDPA blog post, complete with Video. Lee was later featured in Guest Post on the same blog discussing Shooting Sanctioned IDPA Matches.

Previous to the above blog posts, I just knew him as a great resource for shooting sports related questions. If you watch the IDPA Video on When The Balloon Goes Up, you’ll see that Lee backs up his knowledge with some impressive shooting skills.

Chris Zump from Aks and Cupcakes

ChrisZump on Twitter

I came to know Chris through an interview she did on the Empty Mags Podcast where she discussed Civial War Shooting Competitions through the North-South Skirmish Association. I thought the interview was great and tracked down her Blog (Aks and Cupcakes) and Twitter Account.

Chris is one of the few people I know with a working knowledge of Civil Ware era guns. Her blog contains a mixture of cooking and gun content.

Corey Zerbe

czerbe on Twitter

Corey is a local cigar smoker that I met through Stogie Review. We began hanging out at Kensington Tobacconist (Which has since closed, unfortunately) and I later learned that we were both into guns.

When it came time to buy my first high quality holster, I turned to Corey and his opinion of the Crossbreed Supertuck. We both carry the same gun (Springfield XD Sub Compact, although he carries a 9mm and I carry a .40 S&W) and he even offered to let me check out his holster before I ordered one for myself.

Since then we have been talking regularly and even managed to meet up at a local range for some Shootin’ and Smokin’. For the past several months I have been hounding him to get into USPSA or IDPA. He has managed to resist but I think I’m beginning to see some cracks. I even offered to let him borrow my backup gun but him being a lefty thwarted that plan of attack.

Keith from The Tiki Bar Online

Keith1911 on Twitter

Keith is another fellow cigar smoker that I met through Stogie Review. Based on his handle (@Keith1911), it is easy to see that he has a fondness for 1911’s. Keith is also a resident of California and has become my Go-To resource for ‘How does this work in California’ type questions.

Outside of 1911’s, Keith has a wealth of general firearm and ammunition knowledge that I like to call on from time to time. He also posts and talks about a variety of Gun Politics news items that hit the web.

Julie Golob from

JulieG1 on Twitter

It is difficult to be involved in the shooting sports and not know who Julie Golob is. For those that aren’t aware, Julie holds a variety of shooting titles and is routinely featured on the Pro Tips segment of Shooting USA.

Julie earned a great deal of Twitter-Respect from me when she responded to one of my passing comments. I was absolutely shocked to receive responses to virtually all of my questions and comments directed to her Twitter account. As one of the very few professional shooters to give me the time of day, I recommend her account, as well as her blog, to all of my fellow shooters looking for interesting gun folks on Twitter.

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