Lower Providence IDPA: Scott Bloom

On Saturday (July 28, 2012) my friend, Scott Bloom, and I made the trek down to Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club for their monthly IDPA Match. This would be our first IDPA Match and neither one of us knew exactly what to expect. We wound up seeing a few familiar faces from USPSA and had a good time shooting.

IDPA at Lower Providence - Stage 1Lower Providence IDPA – July 2012 – Stage 1

Scott and I were squadded with two other new shooters and thrown into the mix. Scott had loads of questions and seemed to grate on the nerves of one of our Safety Officers. On the other hand, our second Safety Officer was an absolute pleasure to shoot with.

The video at the head of this post shows Scott taking on the 8 Stages of Lower Providence IDPA. Despite being told that new shooters weren’t required to wear a cover garment, he thought it would be fun and did so anyway (with the Safety Officer’s consent).

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  • He is crowding cover a bit too much, he needs to separate himself from the walls. The rest will come with practice. He was safe and that is the important thing.

    • Miguel,
      It is funny you mention that. During the new shooter briefing they went over that and explained that it is a common mistake for new shooters. I guess it went in one ear and out the other because I had the same problem.

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