IDPA Stage Breakdown: Use That Front Sight

IDPA Stage Breakdown - Ontelaunee - Oct 2012 - Stage 7: Use That Front Sight

Stage 7 from the October 2012 IDPA Match at Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club was ‘Use That Front Sight‘. This stage had the potential to either be fast or slow, without much room for anything in between.

The entire stage could be shot with a single magazine if the shooter doesn’t drop a shot on a steel popper. If a shot was dropped, the safe bet would be to perform a tactical reload so that a disappearing target could be engaged before the shooters gun ran dry.

My plan was to run the stage with a single magazine. If I dropped my first shot on the steel popper, I would deviate from that plan and perform a tactical reload, playing it safe. As you can see in the video, I missed the steel and reverted to the slow but steady plan of attack.

IDPA Stage Breakdown: By The Numbers

  • Raw Time: 20.01
  • Points Down: 0
  • Total Penalty Seconds: 0
  • Final Stage Time: 20.01

2 comments On IDPA Stage Breakdown: Use That Front Sight

  • Nice looking Stage Trouble with the Re-load looks like it got caught on the Vest?

    • Corey,
      This match was the first time I had to use a cover garment (being new to IDPA, my last match didn’t want me to use it). Instead of bringing my hand back and sweeping away the vest, I was trying to go under it. After a few stages I got the hang of it.

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