Glock Magazines - G17 and G19 - 1

I’m not typically the type of person that gets involved with Panic Buying. More often than not, when people are whipped up into a frenzy over a product, the price of said product rises substantially.

Take Glock Magazines as an example. A month ago I could have walked into a local gun shop and walked out the door with a standard capacity magazine for about $25. That same magazine at the Reading Gun Show a few weeks ago would have set you back $35. I hear prices are still on the rise. Who knows where they will be by the end of the month?

With AR-15s going for buku-bucks, I’ve had to change gears and buy smarter. Regardless of how things turn out on the political front, the gun market is going to be turbulent for quite a while. Even if Gun Control talks were to fall apart tomorrow, I don’t think we would see prices settle out for several months.

With my factory ammo situation a little more comfortable than it was, and reloading right around the corner, I decided to shift my focus to picking up a few magazines. My Glock 19 came with three and I hadn’t picked up any extras. My Glock 17 came with two and I picked up four more when I bought the gun (I actually picked up seven but three of them are the old style that doesn’t drop free. I don’t use them, so they don’t count).

I wasn’t willing to pay the going rate for Glock Magazines but, it would be an entirely different story if I could get them at pre-panic buying prices. As it turns out, I was able to do even better. I worked out a deal to exchange some of my time for magazines at wholesale cost.

I picked up five total Glock Magazines, three for my G19 and two for my G17. Considering how things are at the moment, I think I got an absolute steal. Times like these are a reminder that friends in the industry are invaluable.

Ask The Readers

Despite the gun market being turbulent, there are still deals to be had. Have you managed to find any of those deals?