Ontelaunee IDPA - Jan 2013 - Team Down Zero

Last the weekend I set out to Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club to shoot their first match of 2013. In addition to this being the first match of the year, it was also the first match that would earn points for Team Down Zero Members. Dave Bair, Match Director of Ontelaunee IDPA, did a great job of getting the scores out quickly and updating the Team Down Zero Standings.

I was a bit surprised to find my name on the top of the list. My match started out fantastic then completely fell apart. I suppose that, in the end, it all averaged out into a decent match. I earned 19 points for finishing 1st among the Team Down Zero Members (9th Overall). I can already see that this is going to be a close race with people battling for position all year.

Being a rather competitive person, I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I took the very basic standings, which consist of names and points, and set out to see where everyone stood based on time and points down. This effectively let me know who I would have to keep an eye on if I want to stay on top of the standings.

Team Down Zero IDPA Standings - Jan 2013 - Stats - 1