2014 Cilsanws Challenge

Photos From Jesse Broadwater & Pro Archery Series
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A couple of days ago I was scrolling through my Facebook Timeline, trying to kill some time, when I came across a couple of photos from Jesse BroadwaterOpens in a new tab.. The photos showed archers shooting a rather extreme course with severe uphill and downhill shots.

A day after Jesse Boradwater posted his photos, I stumbled onto a link on Archery Talk pointing to the very recently released videos from the event. I connected Vimeo to my Roku Player and spent the afternoon watching the 2014 Cilsanws Challenge on my television.

If you enjoy Field Archery (or just like target archery in general), you should spend a little time and watch through the series. Videos are broken up by target and run approximately fifteen-minutes each.

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Watch the rest of the 2014 Cilsanws Challenge on VimeoOpens in a new tab.

Two teams of archers representing USA and Europe will do battle at the fearsome Dan-y-Darren quarry on Thursday 11th September for the 2014 Cilsanws Challenge.
Run specifically as a team event, the 2014 Cilsanws Challenge will take place just a couple of days before the final round of the 2014 Pro Archery Series at the same venue.

The event will consist of a ten target course set in and around the spectacular Dan-y-Darren quarry. With the unique event format we will be able to run some extreme targets not possible on the regular Welsh Masters course.


    Team Captain: Tapani Kalmaru
    Ivana Buden
    Chris White
    Liam Grimwood
    Ruben Bleyendaal
    Slavko Tursic


    Team Captain: Kevin Phillips
    Jamie van Natta
    Jesse Broadwater
    Rod Menzer
    Tim Gillingham
    Henry Bass

Pronounced [ kil – san – us ], Cilsanws is the name of the mountain where Dan-y-Darren quarry is situated and is part of the beautiful Brecon National Park in Wales.
There will be extensive video coverage. Every arrow from every archer plus live commentary and reaction. All videos will be presented right here on the Vimeo platform.


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