A few months back, I became the proud new owner of a 2011 Elite Pulse Compound Bow. The Pulse was a few model years out of date but the price was right and the reviews were compelling. I made the deal with a member on Archery Talk and have been enjoying my bow ever since.

Even though I’m not in the market for a new bow, I like to keep an eye out on what is available. Being that I’m now an Elite owner, I was pretty eager to see what they had in store for us coming out of the ATA Show.

Elite Energy 35 - Screen Grab
Screen Capture from Elite Archery

Initially, I wasn’t blown away by the Elite Energy, at least not on paper. It didn’t seem like a massive improvement over what was already available and, in a way, it justified my purchase of a 2011 bow. Things began to change when I heard reports of people actually putting hands on the bow.

I came across an article from Field & Stream reporting on 8 Hunting Bows from the ATA Show. Among them was the Elite Energy 32. I’ve embedded the video above this post. I like what he has to say and I’d really like to get my hands on one. If it shoots as nice as my Pulse, I’d even like to own one (Make mine a 35 though, I like a little longer axel to axel length).

With the recent additions of Levi Morgan and Darrin Christenberry as sponsored shooters, coupled with the quality of bow Elite is producing, I hope to see more Elite bows pop up at local archery shoots.

What bow do you shoot?