If you’ve been browsing the archery section of this blog, you probably already know the story of how my Grandfather introduced his Grandchildren to the sport of archery. We spent a lot of time at Wapiti Archers, growing up, and I have a lot of fond memories surrounding the club.

Back in my day (damn, that made me feel old) the club put on Field Archery Shoots year-round. These days they have made the switch to 3D Archery but continue to host shoots throughout the year. With the days getting longer and warmer weather approaching, I think that a visit to the club is long overdue.

Unfortunately, the drive to Wapiti Archers is a bit of a long one. I’ll need to spend at least an hour and fifteen minutes in the car but I think it will be worth it. The courses that I remember were well maintained and provided a vast array of realistic shots.

Wapiti Archers - Property Map
I lifted the Club Map from the Wapiti Archers Website

Back when I was little, I remember one instance where my Grandfather took me out to shoot. I walked the course, with my bow, and he followed behind me with his Camcorder (you know the type, the old shoulder-mounted units that recorded to full-size VHS tapes). A few years before my Grandfather passed away, he and my Grandmother came for a visit and gave me the old tape.

I have torn my house apart looking for that tape and I can’t find it. I thought maybe it got left behind at my parent’s house when I moved but we couldn’t find it there either. It kills me that I can’t find that video. I would love to share it with my daughter, to show her just how much she is like me when I was a kid.

Wapiti Archers - 2014 Schedule
Wapiti Archers 2014 Schedule

With USPSA Season right around the corner, my schedule is about to get pretty hectic. The only real option I have, for the time being, is going to be either February 2nd or March 30th. I’ll have to do some planning to attend but maybe I can talk some friends into joining me for the shoot.