This weekend has been filled to the brim with everything Archery. It all started on Friday when the Lancaster Archery Classic kicked off. I tried watching the Live Stream from the office, with poor results, and had to resort to watching the Live Scores on Rcherz.

When I got home from work, I headed right to my laptop and got ready to watch Zena shoot her qualification round. Between watching the Live Stream, watching Live Results, and checking out Facebook Posts from the event, I spent pretty much the entire day saturated in all things Lancaster Archery Classic.

On Saturday, I headed down to Stowe Archers to shoot a little Indoor 3D. I managed to shoot my best score yet, 321 Points, and enjoyed myself. I’m starting to see familiar faces at the events and imagine I’ll be seeing a lot more as the Indoor Archery Season progresses.

After returning home from Stowe Archers, I had a house all to myself. I discovered that I could stream the Lancaster Archery Classic on my TV, using my Roku Player, and passively watched the event throughout the day.

I was toying with the idea of heading back down to Stowe this morning, for more Indoor 3D, but decided against it. I would have had to bring my daughter along and space was tight behind the shooting line. Rather than worry about keeping her corralled into a safe position, I stayed home.

I’ve had the Lancaster Archery Classic on practically all day. With the qualification rounds complete, the video coverage got much more fun to watch. I followed live coverage of Men’s Unlimited and Women’s Unlimited (the Shoot-Ups for both divisions were good) and have been passively watching the recordings of the other events (production quality outside of the Main Range left a lot to be desired).

Lastly, I appears as though scores for the 2014 Curt Peterson Southeast PA Indoor 3D Shootout have been posted for French Creek Outfitters. Being my first shoot, I wasn’t expecting to do very well. Placing 21st out of 24 was a bit of a kick in the pants though. I’ve shot better since then and hope to see better results as the season progresses.

Southeast PA Indoor Shootout Results - Jan 2014 - French Creek