Last week the 2014 European Archery Festival took place in Telford. I followed the results, in passing, via Facebook and found myself wishing coverage was more like the Lancaster Archery Classic. Even though the LAS Qualification Rounds were a little dull, I enjoyed having the video playing, in the background, while I worked.

While trying to kill some time on Youtube, I discovered that World Archery TV had video of Stage 3 available. I grabbed a cigar and a cup of coffee and began watching the two and half hour video.

Honestly, the video is a bit strange. I would never think of Archery as a high energy sport but that is, more of less, how it was portrayed. Archers are announced to the crowed and enter the area to music and a light show. Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty cool, but it looked a bit strange.

In my opinion, Women’s Compound was the best of the video. Erika Jones is a bad-ass and I hope to see a lot more of her in future video coverage.

2014 European Archery Festival - Telford - 1