Stowe Archers Invitational 600 Round - Vegas Face

With the Outdoor 3D Archery Season right around the corner, it seems as though area clubs are making one last push on Indoor Archery before making the move outdoors. The latest event to pop up on my radar is the Stowe Archers Invitational 600 Vegas Shoot.

Despite carrying the ‘Invitational’ tag, this shoot is open to the general public. The shoot is being held on Friday – February 28th (7:00pm line time), Saturday – March 1st, and Sunday – March 2nd (9:00am and Noon line times). Registration is $10.00 for Adults and $6.00 for Cubs.

After having shot the 2014 PFATA State Championship Shoot at Stowe Archers, I’m eager to get back to the club for another event. Stowe hosts great events that are relaxed and fun for the whole family (I’ve been seeing a lot of Youth Shooters turn out).

If you don’t have anything going on that weekend, I would suggest dropping by the club and giving the Indoor 600 Round a try. I’ve found that shooting at spots is a whole lot more fun than it sounds. More information can be found on the Stowe Archers Facebook Page and Website.