Win a Cain Table Torch

A little while back, I ran a Contest to Win a Gerber Ripstop II Serrated Knife. The contest generated a lot of interest and I’ve been looking for a way to give away something else.

The opportunity arose today when I began looking through my Cigar Accessories for a Stogie Review Contest. I came across a pair of Cain Table Torches and thought it might be fun to run two contests, side by side.

Entry is designed to be super-simple. All you have to do is sign up for WaltInPA Email Updates. Any time a new post is made, WordPress will fire off an email to let you know (you can customize your subscription through the control panel after signup).

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On May 1st, I’ll draw a name at random from the Subscriber List. That lucky individual will win a Cain Table Torch. If you would like to double your odds at winning a Table Torch, head on over to Stogie Review and enter for a chance to win a Cain F Table Torch.