The View from Stowe Archers

The View from Stowe Archers

As soon as I drew the string back and settled into my anchor, I knew something was off. I could feel the tension in my back begin to slack, my sight pin moved erratically on the target face, and I had a tremendous urge to punch the trigger and hope for the best.

There was a cascade of problems that I just couldn’t seem to fix. I tried adjusting my stance, adding tension in my back, adjusting the release in my hand, adjusting my anchor. Nothing seemed to help and one bad end was followed by another.

By the time it was all over, I had shot the worst 600 Round that I can remember and all I had to show for it was a sore shoulder and fatigued back. Those 60 arrows were a painful reminder of my performance during the Spot Leage last year.

I’ve been working on my spot shooting lately and I thought that I had things figured out. My scores had improved considerably and I anticipated shooting a 575 (or better) in this particular 600 Round. The reality was a miserable 536 (with 5 X’s).

The most frustrating part of this terrible shooting was that just the opposite happened the night before. I shot my personal best Indoor 3D Round with a 340. With the exception of a couple of 8’s – all of those shots felt good and my sight pin was steady.

I’m hoping that it was just an issue of fatigue. It has been a while since I’ve shot back to back days. My 600 Round performance has me a little worried. My club’s Spot League kicks off in a couple of weeks and I really don’t want to be my team’s anchor.

2016-peterson-mease-invitational-600-round 2016-peterson-mease-invitational-indoor-3d