2017 Stowe Archers Field League: Week 1

2017 Stowe Archers Field League

This week, Stowe ArchersOpens in a new tab. kicked off our annual Field / Hunter LeagueOpens in a new tab.. The league is handicapped, to encourage shooters of all skill sets to join us, and runs for ten weeks. Typically, this league tends to struggle a bit with registrations. This year we’re doing very well with nine two-person teams.

For Week 1 of the league, everyone was to shoot Field Faces on our upper course (Targets 1 through 14). Generally speaking, this is the easier of our two units and scores tend to reflect that. Next week the terrain becomes far more rugged and shooters will have harder angles to contend with.

Yesterday, I got together with my brother to shoot our team score. I came away with a 248 with 11 X’s (4.4 points per arrow average). Most of my shots felt good, I just need to spend a little more time with this new Unlimited setup.

My brother struggled with fliers but that is to be expected. He is just getting back into archery after about a decade away from the sport. As long as we continue to improve, a little each week, the handicapping system will keep us somewhat competitive.

2017 Stowe Archers Field League

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