Indoor 3D Archery at Stowe Archers: March 2017

Stowe Archers Indoor 3D

As Spring approaches, the Southeast PA Indoor 3D Series is winding down. At Stowe Archers, we are hosting our final leg of the tournament this weekend. I wish I could say that I’ve been keeping busy, shooting at each of the four clubs involved, but that isn’t the case.

Last night I shot my 2nd of 8 total events. I won’t qualify for The Showdown but that didn’t deter me from shooting. Actually, the fact that I would be able to talk about it through the Online Archery Challenges Group was a nice little perk.

After setup was complete, several of us opened our wallets, paid our registrations fees, and set out to have a little fun on the range. I was paired up with Kevin, who proceeded to outshoot me from start to finish. Despite that, I really enjoyed myself.

I took my chances on two fourteen rings and hit one (the second was so far out that I earned myself a five). I had a couple of dumb eights – which came from either pulling a shot or aiming at the wrong shadow / spot on the target.

Anytime I shoot better than par (which is 320 on a 32 target course), I’m happy. I came away with a 329 last night and I’m proud of that.

Stowe Archers Indoor 3D - March 2017

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