3D Archery at Hamburg Game Association: April 2014

Haburg Game Association - 3D Archery - April 2014

It has been such a busy week that posting about the April Hamburg Game Association 3D Archery Shoot completely slipped my mind. With Spring finally here, the Outdoor 3D Archery Season is upon us and I got out to my very shoot of the year, two weekends ago.

The weather was perfect and I enjoyed a leisurely walk through the woods, hunting foam animals. I didn’t come away with a very good score, mostly because I felt like I was rushing my shots, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless.

One of the nicest things about this particular club is that they are now posting video of each shoot. I’ve embedded the Facebook Post below if you’d like to have a look at the course. I hoped to have video of my own to share but I walked out and forgot my camera (I did remember the bow-mount but that doesn’t do much good without the camera).

Hamburg Game Association - 3D Archery - April 2014 - Results


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