A Supplemental Motovlog and Thank You

If you’ve been following along with WaltInPA, you may be aware that I am a goal-driven individual. Be it in my personal life or in business, I like to set small goals and systematically work through them on my way towards accomplishing something bigger. This was my process when I started my new YouTube ChannelOpens in a new tab. with my first goal being to create consistency and produce 8 Motovlogs over the course of 8 Weeks.

I’m happy to report that I’ve been having loads of fun with this new channel and am already ahead of schedule. I have Motovlogs and accompanying Blog Post completed and scheduled for publication on June 22nd and June 29th. While being ahead of schedule is excellent for keeping on track with my goal, it creates a minor issue when something new and relevant presents itself.

That is where this Supplemental Motovlog comes into play. Technically speaking it is Episode 5 but I really don’t want to wait until July 6th to get it out into the world. As such, I’m posting it early because I wanted to thank a handful of people.

In typical fashion, before I do that I’m compelled to tell your a little story so that you can better understand where I’m coming from.

A Story From My Childhood

When I was a kid, I used to spend the weekends lending a hand at my Uncle’s corner bar. He would pick me up, I’d spend a couple hours mopping floors and cleaning up, then I’d get to spend an hour or so hanging out before he took me back home. I was pretty young at the time but my Uncle was the type that spoke his mind and was very much unfiltered.

When I wasn’t too busy screwing around on the pool table, we would sit at the bar before it opened. He would be drinking coffee (with an insane amount of cream & sugar) and I’d have a can of soda. He would tell me a little about the bar business and life in general. He seemed to make a point to make sure I understood the old ways of doing things.

A word of advice kid. If you ever wind up with a bar of your own there are a couple of things to know. The first is to never make habit of drinking at your own bar. You make the rounds, visit other places, spend your money, and make sure to treat the bartenders well. They’ll send you more business than you could ever drum up all by yourself.

The second thing is when those bartenders send customers your way, you make damn sure to return the favor. You gather up an army of your people and you all reciprocate. You go back to that bar, have a good time, and make sure the bartender is taken care of. That’s how this world works. When someone helps you out, you help them out – they should never have to ask you to return the favor. And if you ever have to ask someone to return the favor…. Fuck ’em – you don’t need those kind of people around you.

Looking back on it, my Uncle’s words of wisdom seem a bit harsh for a ten-year old kid. Even so, they contained a valuable life lesson. I think those talks laid the foundation for the type of loyalty I have for both businesses and people that do right by me. I deeply appreciate a helping hand – even more so when it comes at an unexpected time.

Returning the Favor

As you may know, I recently launched the WaltInPA YouTube Channel. This is a little place for me to share my Motorcycle Journey with the world. It isn’t much but I recently had a small group of people go out of their way to give me a start – be it with a simple subscription, a thoughtful comment, or both.

Their actions meant a great deal to me and my Uncle’s words of wisdom are ringing in my ears. I may not have an army of people but I want to do everything I can to return the favor. To do so, I’m going to need your help – I’d like you to check out the channels down below. If you like what they have to offer, consider Subscribing and giving their content a Like.

Motorcycle YouTube Channels to Check Out

Support WaltInPA

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