A Trip to Gently Used Books

Gently Used Books - Book Haul - May 22 2010On Saturday, my wife and I made plans that had us rising from bed at an early hour. I had a few errands to run and my wife had some shopping to do. Before any of that was to start, we headed out to have breakfast at Michael’s Diner in Douglassville.

Once we were fed, we headed across the parking lot and ventured into Gently Used Books. I’ve been in the store on two other occasions but this was her first trip. We parted ways and I made my way over to the Fantasy section while she looked at the Thriller / Horror offerings.

Just like my previous trips, I was a little disappointed in the selection. Being a used book store, I realize that stock is generated from books people are willing to part with. This often leads to only portions of a series being available as well as a lack of newer releases.

After having spoken with a few people about The Wheel of Time, I was quite interested in picking up the first book of the series, The Eye of the World. I was hoping to be able to find the popular novel but only managed to find random offerings from the middle of the series.

As I roved along the books, I came across yet another book that resided in the middle of a series. This book was Joe Abercrombie’s Before They Were Hanged. With a price tag of only $5.00, I couldn’t resist and simply made plans to order the first book, The Blade itself, from Amazon.

Wanting to walk out with something that I could dig into, I looked at a variety of other titles. I found what I thought were two stand-along novels by Elizabeth Boyer. The first was The Troll’s Grindstone, the second was The Wizard and the Warlord. Both books came in at less than $2.00 each. Unfortunately, when I got home I found out that they might be a portion of a series which encompasses several books.

Even though I purchased books within a series, I am happy with my purchases. For less than $10.00 I walked out with three books in fair condition that I look forward to getting into in the months to come. For now I have roughly three-hundred pages of Ship of Destiny to finish before moving on to something else on my ever growing to-read pile.


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