Alan Gura Speaks at the CATO Institute

A few days ago, I was browsing Google Reader and a post from Barron of The Minutemen caught my eyeOpens in a new tab.. The post showcased a video of Alan Gura speaking at the CATO Institute. At the time, I wasn’t able to watch the video but finally got a chance to watch it this morning.

Alan Gura is an attorney that has been in the Civil Rights spotlight for his work in the cases of the District of Columbia vs Heller as well as McDonald vs Chicago. His performance in those cases has elevated him to the status of Gun Rights Rockstar, for lack of a better description.

I watched the video from the CATO Institute and was impressed. So impressed, in fact, that I went back and watched it a second time to make sure that I didn’t miss anything. What I found most appealing about this video was the tone that Mr. Gura used. He was firm on the stance of firearms but spoke in a way that didn’t seem to be agressive or off-putting to those outside of the gun rights circle.

The primary point of discussion in this video was how the NRA handled the Newtown tragedy. Mr. Gura went on to explain why he thinks that the organization’s approach was damaging to the cause. He states that had the NRA directed thier attention to the general population rather than their mailing list, they may have been much more effective in sending a message.

The video runs about nine and a half minutes and is well worth the time to watch. The volume is a bit low so you may have to crank up the volume.


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