Archery Practice: Mini 3 Spot Vegas Target

Archery Practice - Mini 3 Spot Vegas

When you have club members that routinely travel to Lancaster Archery SupplyOpens in a new tab. for JOADOpens in a new tab. and Tournaments, it can be tempting to pick up random odds and ends – after all, they always ask if there is anything they can pick up for you while they are there.

On one such occasion, I had a friend pick me up some 30-06 Outdoors Mini Vegas FacesOpens in a new tab.. I had been seeing them pop up around the range and they looked like a great way to practice precision at 20 yards. So, I got a pack of 3 Spot and a pack of Single Spot to play around with.

I’ve been driving around with those targets in the back of my car for about two months now. I either forgot that I had them with me or had other plans for practice. Yesterday, however, I went to Stowe ArchersOpens in a new tab. with the purpose of shooting a 300 Round on the Mini 3 Spot.

The funny thing about these targets is that they don’t look all that intimidating until you place them on top of a standard 40cm Vegas Face. They are tiny!

I went into the practice session expecting to shoot mostly 7’s and 8’s – maybe even a miss or two along the way. When I started laying arrows into the yellow portion of the target, I surprised myself.

One thing that stood out to me about shooting these targets was my pin float. Since I don’t shoot magnification (Bowhunter Setup) it didn’t take much for my pin to works its way outside of the yellow. Settling down and holding steady took a lot of concentration.

Archery Practice - Mini 3 Spot Vegas

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