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A couple of weeks ago I received some feedback in the form of a comment on the Shooting The Breeze Podcast: Episode 14. At the time, the suggestion went over my head and I didn’t see the obvious.

From: Pablopistolero
Feedback- Walt, enjoy the show but don’t like the size of your files. Fills up my 8g ipod in a hurry. Makes me have to manage my space too often. I like to listen only and prefer audio only podcasts for that reason and that I can be doing other things like running, cycling, etc. without needing to watch.

At the time, I responded to the comment with a thank you and instructions on how to download the audio only portion of the podcast from below the video. It didn’t dawn on me until later that Pablopistolero must be using iTunes to download the podcast and prep it for syncing with his iPod.

Ater having that “duh” moment, I have gone through the necessary steps to create an iTunes Feed that deals only with the audio portion of the podcast. Now, if you so prefer, you can subscribe to the much smaller audio files (smaller in file size, not podcast length) for syncing to your portable audio devices.

Click Here for the Audio Only Version of my
Shooting The Breeze Podcast


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