Concealed Carry Holster Options: Black Mamba by Concealment Solutions

Over the past few weeks I have thought long and hard about my next gun purchase. After weghing my options, as well as my preferences, I have come to the conclusion that a Glock 19Opens in a new tab. is in my near future. My future Glock 19 will serve two purposes. First, it will ride on my hip when I don’t have to be discreet and carry my tiny Smith & Wesson Bodyguard. Second, it will serve as an IDPAOpens in a new tab. gun so that I can get practice and shoot competitively with what I carry.

With the purchase of this new gun comes new equipment, the most important of which is a holster. The purpose of this post, and the posts that follow it in a series, is to act as a brief overview of some of my options. The first of which is the Black Mamba by Concealment SolutionsOpens in a new tab..

Concealment Solutions: Black Mamba

I was introduced to the Black Mamba Holster, and its maker, Jason Christensen, through the Gun Dudes PodcastOpens in a new tab.. This holster is a hybrid style which utilizes a leather backer and a molded kydex face.

The kydex is a high performance plastic which can easily be heated and shaped. In the case of this holster, the kydex is molded to fit the contour of your gun and then riveted onto the leather backer. The gun is sandwiched between the two materials and held securely in place due to the shape and tension of the kydex.

The nice thing about these holsters is that they are secured to your body by way of two metal clips. The clips are secured at one end so that the user can tuck a shirt in around the holster, making it disappear in most situations.

Glock 19 Holster Options - Concealment Solutions - Black Mamba - 1
Jason Christensen of Concealment Solutions – Still from YouTube Video

The Good:

One of the very appealing features of the Black Mamba Holster is the rise of the kydex on the slide of the gun. In the video, posted above, Jason makes mention that the purpose of this design feature is to prevent your pants from closing in around the holster. I can attest to that being a major annoyance as it is one of the few complaints I have with my Crossbreed Supertuck Holster.

I also appreciate the smooth leather backer. When I wear my Crossbreed, I must be sure to wear some sort of undershirt between the holster and my skin. If I do not, the rough texture chafes my side and becomes painful after extended wear.

The last big plus that I see with Concealment Solutions is their size. I’m not talking about the physical size of the holster, I’m referring to the size of the company. I’m a big fan of Mom & Pop shops (I don’t always like their prices) and appreciate knowing that someone is making something with me in mind, not just some random customer.

The Bad:

After having used a standard cut Crossbreed Supertuck HolsterOpens in a new tab. for the past few years, I have determined that a Combat Cut option is needed. The purpose of this feature is to remove some of the leather to make getting a full grip on the gun easier. One thing I’ve never understood, regardless of manufacturer, is how a holster with less leather is more expensive. Unless the leather is purchased in pre-cut and pre-dyed blanks, seeing an up charge for this feature just rubs me the wrong way.

My usual carry setup does not include spare magazines. With this gun also being used for IDPA, some sort of magazine carrier is required. Looking over the Concealment Solutions websiteOpens in a new tab., I’m not seeing one offered. I am absolutely sure that I have heard of such a device on either the Gun Dudes or RoadgunnerOpens in a new tab. podcasts. I’m sure I could have one made if I requested it but it would probably be a specialty item and I have no idea what the price tag on such an item would be.

Ask The Readers

I have absolutely no experience with the Concealment Solutions Black Mamba Holster. As a result, any information that you could provide in terms of the holster itself, its use for concealed carry, or its use for IDPA would be greatly appreciated.


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