Calling All Aspiring IDPA Match Directors

Dave Bair Photo - Team Down Zero

I got some bad news this morning. Dave Bair has been dealing with some sudden health problems and is no longer able to stay on as Match Director for the IDPA Program at Guthsville Rod & Gun Club. Dave has asked that I give him a hand in spreading the word in hopes of finding a volunteer to take on the position.

If you aren’t aware of the back story, Guthsville IDPA used to be run by Burt Schaffer. Burt developed cancer and passed away. He stayed on at Guthsville as long as he could and made it clear that he wanted the program to continue long after he was gone. Dave was close with Burt and is doing his best to keep Burt’s dying wish alive, which is why this is so important to him.

If you have an interest in running the IDPA Program at Guthsville Rod & Gun Club, or know someone who may be interested, please reach out to Dave BairOpens in a new tab..

Hello Walt!
I haven’t talked with you in some time. I wish things were different for this email, but you have to take what life hands you. I was very sick the last few weeks, and wound up in Good Sheppard Rehab for a little while. I had a small stroke. While the effects long term are not yet known, I do have full use of my body, just very weak.

The thing I need your help with is Guthsville Rod & Gun Club. Burt Schaffers last request was to have his IDPA program continue. I had planned great things for the club, but now I have to resign due to my health. I will still be at matches this year with my nephew as his schedule allows, but I don’t think you will see me back on the line any more. Could you please put together some kind of announcement regarding the open position of match director at Guthsville, and why.

Thanks Walt



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