CATO Institute: The Second Amendment in 2013

These days I seem to have a constant flow of firearms related information coming at me in various forms. Between Google Reader, TwitterOpens in a new tab., FacebookOpens in a new tab., and Google+Opens in a new tab., it becomes difficult to keep track of where interesting information originated. I find myself in that position right now as I present to you an excellent piece of video from the CATO Institute – The Second Amendment in 2013.

If you aren’t familiar with the CATO InstituteOpens in a new tab., it is basically a non-biased think tank which looks at public policy. What I find so appealing about CATO video and podcasts is that the discussion is not driven by a host / moderator with an agenda. In the handful of discussions I’ve digested, I always come away feeling as though I learned something, even if I don’t agree with the analyst being featured.

In this particular video, David Kopel discusses the Second Amendment in 2013. The first question, right out of the gate, deals with the recent fear that President Obama will use an Executive Order to put Gun Control measures in place, without the support of Congress.

This particular question was very interesting to me because I’ve read a variety of things. Some say that an Executive Order could destroy the gun culture in the blink of an eye. Others say that it won’t mean a thing because citizens don’t follow Executive Orders. Mr. Kopel’s response is both informative and frightening.

As the video progresses, David Kopel discusses his thoughts on magazine restrictions, as it applies to DC vs Heller. Towards the end of the twelve minute video, the host asks Mr. Kopel about his thoughts on the NRA’s reaction to the Newtown Shooting.

I found this video from the CATO Institute to be very interesting and informative. It is most definitely worth the price of admission (12 Minutes, 54 Seconds of your time). If you would prefer to listen to the audio instead, The Second Amendment in 2013 (David Kopel) is also available in MP3 formatOpens in a new tab..


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