Choosing My Motorcycle Gloves: Scorpion SGS MK II

As I travel farther down the path of getting back onto a motorcycle, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time (and money) researching and buying safe riding gear. In a perfect world it would simply be a matter of finding the best piece of gear available and handing over my credit card. But this isn’t a perfect world and we all have budgets and financial constraints that can make selecting the right gear a challenge.

One of the challenges I’ve recently faced is finding a good pair of Motorcycle Gloves. A quick search on Revzilla results in an array of gloves that range from as little as $25 to as much as $300. With a spread like that, where do you even begin? If the $300 is the top of the line does that mean a good pair is going to come in at the $150 mark? If so, why are they so expensive?

Narrowing the Field

Before I began shopping, I needed to evaluate my budget and come up with a maximum price that I would be able to invest in a pair of gloves. That price was no more than $100 – which had to account for taxes and shipping. With a hard dollar value set, I could then proceed to filtering.

I knew that I wanted a sport style glove – nothing too flashy in terms of design but I wanted the more aggressive styling with hard protection over the knuckles. A touch capable finger for smartphone functionality was a plus but not a requirement. I also reasoned that since I don’t plan on doing any track riding (or aggressive riding in general), a short cuff would suit my needs well.

Since RevZilla has become my preferred retailer, I headed over to their website and began setting up my filtering criteria. The results were extensive, so I began opening browser tabs on anything that caught my eye. Once I was finished, I began reading reviews and watching videos. This process took some time but it ultimately came down to one that I really liked – the Scorpion SGS MKII Motorcycle GloveOpens in a new tab..

Scorpion SGS MK II

Based on the sizing chart, I ordered a size Large and the gloves fit fairly well. They are a bit snug getting them on but once my hands are inside they are quite comfortable. The fingers are a little too long (I don’t think I could get my hand in a size Medium). This isn’t a huge deal but if I try to seat my hand deep into the glove to make up the extra 1/4″ then the knuckle protectors sit a bit too high.

I’ve only been able to wear them around the house but so far the dexterity is great and I have high hopes for wearing them on my upcoming motorcycle.

Once I’m able to spend time on a motorcycle, I’ll circle back and write a comprehensive review. For now, all I can offer is my first impressions.


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