Contest: Win a Walther Sub Companion Knife

Walther Sub Companion Knife - 1

Back around Black Friday, Midway was running their usual sale. Some of the items were kind of cool, others I could do without. One particular item that caught my eye was the Walther Sub Companion Knife. I thought picking up a few would make for nice little Christmas Gifts.

I ordered a couple knives and made sure to get one for myself. The knives seemed to go over well as gifts but I wasn’t crazy about mine. It felt like it took up a bit too much real estate in my pocket and I think Cajun Blaze spoiled me with the Spyderco Delica 4 and Native 4.

I placed the Walther Sub Companion back it the package and set it aside. Rather than have it sitting around, collecting dust, I thought I would give it away. On Episode 25 of Shooting The Breeze, I made the announcement and explained the rules.

Entering is very simple. All I ask you to do is head over to the Walt In PA Facebook PageOpens in a new tab. and give it a “Like”. If you’ve already liked the page, consider yourself entered. During the recording of Shooting The Breeze Episode 27, I’ll randomly select a winner.

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