Dave Shoots USPSA at Southern Chester – June 2012

This is the third of four posts featuring Team Custom Gun FinishesOpens in a new tab. shooting USPSA at Southern Chester Sportsman’s and Farmers’ Association. So far we have seen Rich, Scott, and now Dave. My video will follow this post in a day or two.

Like myself, although not to the same extreme as I am, Dave is critical about his shooting. If he doesn’t do as well as he thinks he should, it is clearly written on his face. He seems to take the game of USPSA seriously and does a great job of breaking down stages for his skill-set.

Dave is a D Class Production Division shooter that seems to be getting better with each match shot. As of this writing, he is less than 5% points from breaking into C Class. With a couple more solid classifiers stages under his belt, I think he might be shooting in C Class by the end of the season.

Since I don’t like to give shooting advice unless I’m asked for it, I won’t mention that I think Dave should grip the gun higher and work on pressing the magazine release button with his strong hand (using his support hand seems to waste valuable time and the empty magazine is on the ground before his support hand grasps the new one). šŸ˜‰

USPSA at Southern Chester - June 2012 - Stage 5
USPSA at Southern Chester – Stage 5

Dave’s Match Results

21st Place out of 30 Shooters in Production Division
624 Points out of a Possible 740
109 A’s | 31 C’s | 6 D’s | 2 M’s
83% Of Available Points Shot
Average Hit Factor 3.9997


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