Fiber Optic Front Sight Filaments: So Easy to Install, who needs Instructions?

Warren Tactical Sights - 1

I like to think of myself as a fairly handy individual. When it comes to firearms, I don’t like to tinker unless I have someone on hand that can ensure what I’m doing is correct. The last thing I want is to have a catastrophic failure and destroy the gun, not to mention injure myself.

When it came to upgrading the sights on my Glock 17, I wasn’t the least bit worried. Because my gun was being completely disassembled to receive the Swamp Goblin Treatment, I dropped off the sights and had Custom Gun FinishesOpens in a new tab. install them for me when they reassembled the gun.

The Warren Tactical sights that I ordered shipped with two fiber optic filaments, one green and one red. I forgot to mention which filament I wanted installed, so it was left to me to install the one of my choosing. How hard could it be, right? All you have to do is install a small fiber optic rod into the already installed front sight post.

When I returned home with my Glock, I removed it from the case and intended to install the green fiber optic filament. I removed it from the bag and slipped the rod into the front sight. Easy enough, it glides right in, but what keeps it in place? Giving up on the Rubik’s Cube like mystery, I reached for the package that the sights came in. To my surprise, there were no instructions, just a card with Warren Tactical written on it and the fiber optic filaments.

I turned to the internet and didn’t have a whole lot of luck on finding instructions for my particular set of sights. What I did find was a video demonstration from Dawson Precision on how to install / replace fiber optic filaments in their sights. That did the trick and in a few short moments I had my front sight glowing with a green dot.


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