Finding a Clarifier for a 6x Scope

The other day I was shooting the Stowe Archers 50-Meter LeagueOpens in a new tab. with my teammate when we got to talking about our bow setups. We both shoot an Elite Victory 39 with 6x scopes. I shoot a Viper with a fiber optic pin and my partner uses what I believe is a Shrewd with a dot.

“So, with your scope what exactly can you see with your clarifier setup?”

“The target is so clear that I can make out the scoring lines from here.”

“Damn, I’m not running any clarifier and all I can see is a blurry yellow blob!”

“You need to get yourself a #2 Clarifier. It will clear the target right up.”

A couple of days later I put the word out on Facebook that I was in need of a clarifier and a friend from the club was kind enough to loan me his Specialty Archery Set. I started playing around with Yellow 3/32 clarifier first. The target was clearer but the picture struck me as very washed out.

From there I popped in the Green 3/32 Clarifier and was impressed with the clarity. The picture looked great and I could make out the scoring lines from 50 Meters away. The downside was that my fiber optic, which sits behind the lens, was tough to see. When I got out onto the Field Course, where there is lots of shade, I could barely see my pin and felt like I was shooting blind.

I’m not sure what direction to go next but I’m not crazy about the idea of buying a light kit. Sometimes this whole Unlimited business feels like throwing piles of money at my bow hoping that I find something that works.

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