A Motorcycle Ride to Four Monkeys Coffee in Kutztown, PA

A couple of months ago, Untamed Ride and I were trying to make Winter Motorcycle Riding Plans. With the weather being bitter cold, we were trying to organize a few short trips to local businesses where we could stop and warm up before the trek home. Coffee Shops seemed like a great opportunity to do just that – so we began looking for local cafes. That is how we discovered Four Monkeys Coffee in Kutztown, PAOpens in a new tab..

On a brisk day, we hopped on our bikes and began winding our way through back country roads toward Kutztown. When we arrived, cold and ready for a piping hot cup of coffee, things were a little awkward. It wasn’t a bad experience by any means, but it also wasn’t warm and inviting. We wound up buying some beans and leaving – chalking it up as a place we probably wouldn’t go out of our way to visit again.

That all changed after I got home and brewed my first cup of Howler Monkey – it was fantastic! In fact, all of the beans I purchased were excellent (Howler Monkey, Morning Monkey, and Barrel of Monkeys).

I recently made a trip back out to Four Monkeys Coffee to stock up on more beans. This time the visit was very different – I was greeted right away and chatted with the barista while making my selection. It was a pleasant experience, and I look forward to my next visit (which will likely be soon as I’m almost out of coffee!).

Four Monkeys Coffee


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